Jul 27, 2016

Rectifying electrical contacts to n-type 6H–SiC formed from energetically deposited carbon


Electrical contacts to n-type 6H–SiC deposited from carbon fluxes with differing energies (0.12–1.0 keV) have exhibited deposition energy dependent microstructural and electrical properties. Lower deposition energies resulted in resistive amorphous carbon contacts in which transport occurred by tunneling through an interfacial potential barrier consisting of a mixed oxide/carbon layer. With higher average energy and moderately elevated temperature, the interfacial native oxide was removed by implantation/sputtering and Schottky contacts were formed with ideality factors of 1.3 and barrier heights of 0.97 eV. These contacts consisted of graphitic sheets aligned perpendicular to the growth direction. Energetic deposition offers control over microstructural/device properties, compatibility with photolithography and excellent adhesion to the underlying 6H–SiC.
    • Source:Sciencedirect

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