Jul 25, 2016

Large field emission current from Si-doped AlN film grown by MOCVD on n-type (001) 6H-SiC


A large field emission current density of 2.55 A/cm2 at 20.9 V.
A low turn-on voltage of 7.28 V is obtained.
A blunting process benefits to a field emission current without unstable discontinuous fluctuations.


A large field emission current density of 2.55 A/cm2 at 20.9 V and a low turn-on voltage of 7.28 V is obtained from the Si-doped 50 nm-thick AlN film, synthesized by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on the n-type SiC substrates, which is the best result reported for AlN film. Accompanying with atomic force surface micro-images, it is found that this current is achieved owing to a blunting process under a high voltage of 95 V, which can lead to a decrease of the root mean square roughness from 4.23 to 1.03 nm.

Graphical abstract

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    • Source:Sciencedirect

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