Jul 9, 2019

Defects mediated ferromagnetism in a V-doped 6H—SiC single crystal

Undoped and V-doped 6H—SiC single crystals have been grown by the physical vapor transport method. The V concentration is determined to be 3.76 × 1017 at/cm3 and 6.14 × 1017 at/cm3 by secondary ion mass spectrometry for low V-doped and high V-doped SiC samples, respectively. The undoped 6H—SiC shows diamagnetism, while the V-doped 6H—SiC exhibits weak ferromagnetism. The lower V-doped sample shows stronger ferromagnetism compared to that of the higher V-doped sample. However, the structural characterization indicates that the lower V-doped SiC has a relative poor crystalline quality. It is found that both V dopants and defects are essential for introducing ferromagnetic exchange in V-doped SiC single crystals.

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