Aug 13, 2017

Synthesis of p-type 6H-SiC nanowires by pine needle carbothermal method


The p-type 6H-SiC NWs are synthesized by pine needle carbothermal method.
6H-SiC NWs have wurtzite structure with a crystal growth direction of [1 0 2].
The nano-FETs based on individual p-type 6H-SiC NWs are constructed.
The nano-FETs exhibit significant p-type conductivity.


6H-SiC nanowires are synthesized by pine needle carbothermal method, the nano-morphology and crystal structure characterizations show that the nanowires have wurtzite structure, the diameter is about 100–200 nm with a crystal growth direction of [1 0 2], the length exceeds 10 μm. Nano-field-effect transistors are constructed based on individual nanowire, the electrical investigation indicate that the as-synthesized 6H-SiC nanowires present p-type conductivity, the mobility is 5.7 × 108 cm2 V−1 S−1 and carriers concentration is 5.2 × 1018 cm−3. This p-type conductivity is attributing to the deviation of stoichiometric composition during the nucleation and growth processes. The as-synthesized 6H-SiC NWs will be excellent compounds semiconductor materials for the nanoelectronic applications.


Electrical properties
Nanocrystalline materials
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