Apr 23, 2014

Fabrication and characterization of ZnO nanorods/p-6H–SiC heterojunction LED by microwave-assisted chemical bath deposition

High-quality vertically aligned zinc oxide nanorods were successfully grown on p-type 6H–SiC substrate by microwave-assisted chemical bath deposition. The novel seed material poly(vinyl alcohol)–Zn(OH)2nanocomposites was used to seed the 6H–SiC substrate. X-ray diffraction analysis and field emission scanning electron microscopy showed that the synthesized ZnO nanorods were vertically well aligned in the direction of the (0 0 2) plane of the hexagonal structure. The optical properties were examined by photoluminescence spectroscopy, which showed a high-intensity UV peak compared with visible defect peaks. The current–voltage property proved the good rectifier characteristic of the n-type ZnO nanorod/p-type SiC diode heterojunction. The electroluminescence emission of the heterojunction LED was sufficiently high to be seen with the naked eye, with a broad peak centered at the green part of the visible spectrum.
► High quality ZnO nanorod arrays were grown on a p-6H–SiC.
► We using microwave heating with CBD method to get high quality of ZnO nanorods.
► The heterojunction showed good diode rectification.
► Electroluminescence spectrum of the LED device displayed high broad emission centered at 520 nm.

Source: Superlattices and Microstructures

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