Feb 19, 2020

Combined Raman and luminescence assessment of epitaxial 6H-SiC films grown on 6H-SiC by low pressure vertical chemical vapour deposition

Raman scattering and photoluminescence (PL) under near-UV excitations were used to assess the 6H-SiC films epitaxied on 6H-SiC by low pressure vertical chemical vapour deposition (LPV-CVD). Raman linewidths and relative intensities with respect to the PL emissions were used to characterize the quality of the 6H-SiC films. Ti-related PL and outgoing resonance Raman scattering were studied. Samples grown by LPV-CVD with different growth parameters were compared on the basis of their Raman-PL spectra. This study showed that a combination of Raman and PL measurements can be used as a convenient method to assess the 6H-SiC/6H-SiC homoepitaxial structures.


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