Jul 18, 2018

Reduction of Hollow Defects in 6H-SiC Single Crystals Grown by Sublimation Boule Growth Technique on (1120) 6H-SiC Substrates

Sublimation boule growth of 6H-SiC on (1120) 6H-SiC substrates was investigated. Hollow defects were generated in the crystals grown on (1120) substrates, and they penetrated along the growth direction to the as-grown surface. A new growth model of SiC on (1120) SiC substrates that distinguishes between two-dimensional growth and three-dimensional growth is proposed. The generation of both the stacking faults and the hollow defects on (1120) substrates was attributable to the three-dimensional growth. The growth conditions were modified and applied to suppress the generation of hollow defects. These conditions included the reduction of the growth temperature in the initial stage of the growth, and the increase of the nitrogen concentration in the vapor phase. Due to the changes in the growth conditions, the density of the hollow defects on (1120) substrates was reduced by one order of magnitude to approximately 103 cm-2. An atomically flat as-grown surface was obtained by the sublimation boule growth technique in nitrogen ambient.


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