Jun 25, 2018

Oxide of non-basal quasi-polar 6H-SiC surfaces

Non-basal surfaces of 6H-SiC, which are thought to exhibit polar behaviour, were thermally oxidized in steam. The resulting oxide thickness was determined by two methods: a non-contact measurement of the oxide capacitance and a physical measurement of the step height from an etched pattern. The\{1\overline{1}03\}  surface was found to oxidize faster than its counterpart, i.e. the \{1\overline{1}0\overline{3}\}  surface. When these results were compared with results of the oxidation of the basal {0001} and \{000\overline{1}\}  surfaces, the effective permittivity of the oxide was found to be closer to the ideal value of 3.9 for SiO2 grown on the \{1\overline{1}03\}  and \{1\overline{1}0\overline{3}\}  surfaces. This important result for these novel crystalline surfaces could be beneficial in the fabrication of MOSFET devices on SiC.


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